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JSB Exact Domed Diabolo Pellets

This is the pellet of choice for many FT and HFT shooters alike, with good reason. A pure lead pellet from the prolific Czech manufacturer, these pellets go through a thorough quality inspection to ensure accuracy and consistency. This pellet is one most likely to perform well through any gun - as safe a choice as there is.

JSB Exact Diabolo Heavy   .177cal  4.52  10.33grn (0.67grams)                                         €10.00


AA field
One of the best pellets available in our opinion, seems to suit most guns and very popular with the field target lads to. We offer 3 head sizes in .177 and it can make a difference so worth experimenting. Only drawback is they are a little soft so take a little more care in their handling.                                                                                 €10.00


FX Pellets
High performance domed pellet                                                                                                     €10.00


Crosman Destroyer                                                                                                                     €07.00

A brand new pellet from quality pellet manufacturer Crosman. The hollow point design with a central pointed nose is designed specifically for those hunting situations that require maximum penetration and impact expansion.


Prometheus Piledriver

These are the brand new lead pellets from the manufacturers of the excellent Exterminator pellets.
Something totally new, these are heavyweight pellets ideal for FAC rifles and short range hunting for extra knock-down power.

.177cal   21grains  1.36grams                                                                                                       €15.00


JSB Predator Pellets

Due to overwhelming demand from our customers, we have decided to stock these new polymer-tipped hunting pellets.
Having received mixed reviews, these are really a pellet to try for yourself and decide if they suit your own rifle and shooting style.



H&N Field and Target Trophy
Now these are a great pellet. Good through many guns , rarely outperformed. Hard hitting, crush resistant, cheapish. Try some.                                                                                                                                                €10.00


Diabolo Baracuta

Now these are a great pellet. Good through many guns , rarely outperformed. Hard hitting, crush resistant, cheapish.

10.3gr                                                                                €10.00



bullet177 caliber ,10.5 grains ,Round nose 


 €15.00  .177 , 15.00granes  


12gr. CO2 for pistols    €15.00


And 10 more deferens pellets...